What The BUS, Bus?

Today, after just 25 years of use, the Georgia Dome was imploded down in Atlanta. This, of course, is the second large implosion in 2017 surrounding the Atlanta Falcons. Many news outlets were there, including the Weather Channel, who were live-streaming on their Facebook page. For 40 minutes, things were great and they had nice…
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ND House Republican Likes Discretionary Funds Until He Doesn’t

Representative Roscoe Streyle (R – Minot) is mad! How mad? As mad as Roscoe P. Coltrane when those darn Duke boys pulled another fast one over on him, that’s how mad. Streyle appeared on “The Rob (re)Port” today on 970 WDAY to discuss Governor Burgum using his veto powers for parts of, and a few…
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New North Dakota “Voter ID” Bill Creates New Opportunity For Voter Fraud

  North Dakota legislators have passed an updated voter ID bill. As I read the story something stood out to me as very strange. “For those who don’t bring a valid ID to the polls, the bill allows voters to cast a ballot that’s set aside until they produce an ID.” Yes, they’ll set your ballot…
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Spice Spice Baby (To The Tune Of “Ice Ice Baby”)

Sean Spicer has trouble speaking. Here’s my (poor) musical way of illustrating this problem. Thank you for listening. Join Sandy and I for Midday Live weekdays from 11am to 1pm on 970 WDAY!      

(Bad) Customer Service

United Airlines, famous for their “Fly the Friendly Skies” slogan, had a passenger hauled off an airplane Sunday on a flight from Chicago to Louisville, KY in what looks to be a gross overreach of everything we’d expect to be right and just after crossing through security at an airport. Listen, we know we’ll be mugged at…
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