Trump(ishness) Predicted Almost 50 Years Ago By TV Show

There was a TV show back in the late 50’s called “Trackdown.” One of those shows you’ve probably never heard of. I hadn’t either, but thanks to Al Gore’s finest creation, we’re hearing about it now.

An episode of “Trackdown” has a story line where a huckster comes in to town and the hero has to shut him down. Typical TV stuff. This is where it gets weird/interesting. The name of the huckster? Trump. In this case Walter not Donald. The, uh, huck? He’s telling the towns people they need to build a wall around their homes to protect themselves. He says he’s the only one who can build it.

Eerie for sure.

Check out the clips here:




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  1. Cal Orado

    The White House has a fence around it and they want to make it higher under Obama. How many of these illegals are you taking into your home and supporting by the goodness of your heart?

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