NDSU Vs UND Football Is Worth More Than A Nickel

The unthinkable has happened.

No, not that Putin has become the 45th President of the United States. That’s last week’s news.

IT has happened. Well, it WILL probably most likely be happening pretty much for sure.

NDSU vs UND each year in an important and meaningful conference football game.

If you missed the news, word broke yesterday that UND is set to leave the Big Sky Conference for the Summit League after the 2017-18 season. For football, word is that UND will join the Missouri Valley Football Conference in 2020.

When the teams announced their current 2 game contract, UND athletic director Brian Faison made it clear that the teams will not be playing for the Nickel Trophy. Did you hear about this UND nickname thing? Long story, but 1/2 of the nickel features their old logo that was the source of some light controversy. The Nickel Trophy will live forever with it’s final owner, UND, likely in a broom closet someplace on campus. A sad end for a legendary piece of North Dakota history.

Now what? What will these teams play for?  Sure, the W is great, especially once these teams get back in the same conference. Looks nice in the standings. Gives bragging rights. But this isn’t some game just for wins or losses, this is Bison-Sioux, this is Bison-Fighting Hawks. It needs something more.

I think I have the solution. This game should be played for………


Budget. Funding. The almighty dollar. State bucks. Clams. The Benjamins. Cabbage. Your tax dollars.

I present to you….”Budget Brawl”.

Listen, Major League Baseball realized they had a problem. The All Star game, as star studded as it is, didn’t mean anything. They decided they would change that and make the game matter. They made it for home field advantage in the World Series. Forget the 346 game baseball regular season, that 1 game decided home field in the World Series. The result? Well, nobody really cared any more than they did before, including the players. They’ve now changed that stupid rule and that will no longer use the game to determine home field advantage.

This will be different. It will matter. It will matter BIG TIME. Imagine it. You already have the interest of the large, very rabid fan base from both NDSU and UND. Now, you’ll gain the interest of other people all across the campus. One of the knocks on football (and athletics in general) is that it’s not what the university system is, or should be, about. Not everyone cares about athletics! In today’s social climate we know that if everyone is not in 100% agreement on everything then, somehow, there’s a violation of another persons rights. This would get people who previously had no interest in the most important series of games ever played in history, NDSU vs UND football,  engaged in the process.

One game for all the nickels.

Want new science building funding NDSU? Better convert those 3rd downs and control the clock. Technology upgrade for O’Kelly Hall at UND? Going to need to come up with a big stop and a quick score. Want your University to allow Minnesota kids in? Better have the best game plan, because winner gets to accept out of state kids which means more state $$$!

I can hear it now…”4th down, and with no time outs this is the last chance for the Fighting Hawks to win the game and save the golf team.” “That’s right Frank, the Bison need to hold here and they’ll get the important conference win and that funding for a new library.”

North Dakota’s legislative members are busy working on serious stuff in Bismarck. They have a limited number of days every two years to get things done for the people. Let’s lighten the load. Budget Brawl is more than just a game. It’s efficient government.