TSA Pat-Downs Gone WILD

A mother is livid over the pat-down of her son by TSA at DFW Airport. You can see the viral video of the incident in the linked story.

I’m generally a defender of TSA and the work they do. It’s a truly thankless job these people perform. This video, however, is a bit disturbing. I mean seriously, where are we at when some kid this age is getting every single inch of his clothing and body patted down? Is this where there’s real danger? No, it’s not. The TSA defended the pat-down because what else are they going to do.

Let’s be honest, these type of pat-downs have a let’s make it look like we don’t profile people we think may be terrorists feel to them. I think we all get it and generally play along with a silent wink and nod. What else are we going to do if we want to be on the beach in Cancun sipping something out of a coconut with an umbrella in it in 6 hours? We’re going to deal with it.

The real question is how far is too far? For me it’s when a fellow (who looks incredibly similar to Ned Beatty) is too thoroughly patting down a teen or pre-teen. Ridiculous. I’m all for security, but let’s get real already.

What do you think of this incident? Have you had a TSA experience that seemed a little to invasive? Please share it.