Congressman Kevin Cramer’s Media Witch Hu……Inquiry. Media Inquiry.

Congressman Kevin Cramer has mailed out a media bias questionnaire to NBC, CBS and ABC. He forgot to include one news organization on his Media Bias Christmas mailing list. Any guesses which one? Anyone? You’re right!

“Well Mike, THAT news organization isn’t on a traditional over the air network! THEY are cable news. That’s DIFFERENT!”

Maybe so, but the congressman’s own twitter account said he’d include them when it came time to mail the letter.

Maybe he lost their address. Dropped his phone in the toilet or something. I know the president knows people there. Maybe he could drop off the letter.

Back to the letter. Some of the questions:

Do you believe your coverage of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was as critical as your coverage of Donald Trump’s candidacy?

• Do your current efforts to aggressively cover the Trump administration match the approach you took in the early days of the Obama administration?

• Do your news operations have policies in place to analyze impartiality on news reporting?

Interesting conservative bias for the witch hu…., sorry, inquiry, into the bias of something. If your accusing something of being biased, shouldn’t your line of questing not exhibit it’s own bias? That there’s bias in the line of questioning isn’t lost on the congressman. Quite the opposite in fact. He fully acknowledges it saying:

“Some may view these questions to be based on conservative viewpoints. They would be right,” Cramer wrote in his Friday letter. “Half of the American people call themselves conservative, yet a majority of them receive your network news coverage for free, over the airwaves, through federally allocated spectrum dedicated to national broadcasting.”

Cramer’s data on the claim half of the American population call themselves conservative? That’s based on the recent election. No other data. Recent Gallup data, as the article points out, has it closer to 36%. We’ll probably have to open a new witch hu…., investigation, into biased polling data next. An election isn’t a scientific statistical study on the true political feelings. It’s more an exercise in”I guess I’ll have to pick one of these two candidates because there’s really no other viable option here.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement by everyone who votes of a particular ideology.

Reality doesn’t lend itself to the puffed up concern here. For one, if there is a profound bias toward Democrats, which is obviously what Cramer is getting at here, and if that bias has had profound influence, why do we have a Republican president, Republican house and Republican senate? Not very effective bias if you ask me. Second, the focus here (for now) is the old guard networks of ABC, CBS and NBC. The problem is that ratings for the network news programs has plummeted faster than Wile E Coyote off the cliff after the Road Runner stops on a dime. Stupid coyote.

You won the elections and the group that you claim has all this influence is experiencing a massive drop in audience reach. Not exactly smoke. Certainly not fire.