The XFL Needs A Green Bay

What’s old and failed is new and shiny again. Vince McMahon has announced the return of the XFL in 2020. Here’s the hype:

That’s real hype. I’ve had it in high rotation on my playlist since first hearing it. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to run through a wall, make bets and draft a fantasy team after that. WAIT. Slow down. The league hasn’t even started yet. We don’t know much about the plan. There, folks, lies the opportunity.

Hey Vince, looking for a loyal football fan base to start a new football league? I’d like to introduce you to someone.

XFL, Fargo. Fargo, XLF.

Vince, baby, you’ve found your Green Bay.

Sure, it’s a small city, but Fargo is football. No other sport comes close to the sport of kings here. NDSU Bison football games draw the full 19,000 you can cram into the Fargodome each week. The tailgating scene rivals some of the best in the nation. The economy has weathered every financial storm that’s hit the country over the last 30 plus years. It’s a never-ending boom town. Population growth projections are off the charts.

There’s more. You’re looking for men who can play football at a high level who are decent, well-rounded individuals. Yeah, NDSU football graduates many of them each season. You have a built in pipeline of kids who know how to act and know how to win.

Another plus: There’s nothing going on here from early February into May, the heart of the XFL season. Selling out 6 or 7 home games in that stretch will be no problem at all. Yes, the attendance numbers will be lower than ideal even at capacity, but you say all teams are league owned, so you can make the financials work by shifting some dollars around with the larger market teams. What Fargo will provide is what you won’t find in larger cities with other pro sports, a loyal fan base with almost nothing else to do right in the heart of your season. It will be the talk of the town. Green Bay can support a franchise from that “other” league. You can make one work in Fargo.

Fargo is hip. Fargo is cool. Fargo has a movie and a television show named after it. ESPN has been here multiple times. Fargo is a known commodity. We have a great flood protection plan that everyone agrees on. The time for Fargo to take that next step into a professional football franchise is here.

XFL, this is your Green Bay.