Force Awakens Bad Lip Reading!

I love the Bad Lip Reading videos. For this one, they were able to get Mark Hamill to do the voice of Han Solo. He sounds just like Harrison Ford. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Syri…Uhhhhh……What Now?

Things are moving fast in Syria. Once again it looks as if Assad may have used chemical weapons on his own people. The Syrians and Russians say they didn’t and blamed rebel forces. Predictable action-response-response back stuff when it comes to the Middle East. What’s not so easily predictable is what will happen next. There’s definitely a…
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Congressman Kevin Cramer’s Media Witch Hu……Inquiry. Media Inquiry.

Congressman Kevin Cramer has mailed out a media bias questionnaire to NBC, CBS and ABC. He forgot to include one news organization on his Media Bias Christmas mailing list. Any guesses which one? Anyone? You’re right! “Well Mike, THAT news organization isn’t on a traditional over the air network! THEY are cable news. That’s DIFFERENT!”…
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TSA Pat-Downs Gone WILD

A mother is livid over the pat-down of her son by TSA at DFW Airport. You can see the viral video of the incident in the linked story. I’m generally a defender of TSA and the work they do. It’s a truly thankless job these people perform. This video, however, is a bit disturbing. I…
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NDSU Vs UND Football Is Worth More Than A Nickel

The unthinkable has happened. No, not that Putin has become the 45th President of the United States. That’s last week’s news. IT has happened. Well, it WILL probably most likely be happening pretty much for sure. NDSU vs UND each year in an important and meaningful conference football game. If you missed the news, word…
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